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Do you offer financing?

When will my order arrive?

Are the bikes shipped fully assembled?

Are your bikes the right size for me? Where can I find the dimensions?

What is the difference between throttle-only and pedal assist?

Ordering & Shipping

What does the ordering process look like?

Is financing available?

How much does shipping cost?

When will my order arrive?

Where do you ship to?

How will my order ship?

Help! My item arrived damaged.

Assembly & Maintenance

Will my bike require assembly when it arrives?

How should I finish assembling my new bike?

Will my electric skateboard require assembly when it arrives?

Can electric bikes be serviced by a regular bike shop?

What tune ups are needed after assembly?

Returns, Refunds & Warranty Info

Do you accept returns?

Does my bike come with a warranty?

Batteries, Accessories & Parts

Can pedaling and braking recharge the battery?

Should I fully drain the battery before recharging?

Will the battery need replacing?

What if I need a new battery, tires or parts in the future?

General Ebikes

What’s the difference between regular bikes and electric bikes?

What's the difference between throttle-only and pedal assist mode?

How fast can my ebike go?

How far can I go on a single charge?

How long does it take to charge the battery?

How heavy are these ebikes? I’m wondering if I’ll be able to carry it upstairs to my apartment.

Can I ride my electric bike or skateboard in the rain?

How should I store my bike during the winter?


Do I need a license or registration to ride my electric bike?

Are electric bikes legal?

Technical Questions

How much does it cost to charge the battery?