Landwheel L3-X Battery Gen 4 and Gen 5 Electric Skateboard Easy Swap Replacement Battery

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Finally, Landwheel's L3-X Gen5 electric skateboard conversion kit and complete skateboard are HERE --> newly upgraded for 2018! And what better way to extend your ride than with the Landwheel spare L3-XBattery swap-out click-in battery pack?  Just charge the battery, click into the Landwheel L3-X drive unit and experience the excitement of the open road with your electrified ride!

Carry the charged Landwheel electric skateboard spare battery in your backpack or car and go twice as far! 
Want to watch YouTuber Ronnie Sarmiento's review of the Landwheel L3-AX?

Battery Charger NOT Included.



  • Rechargeable lithium-poly battery for Landwheel L3-X and L3-AX
  • Works in Gen4 and Gen5 Landwheel L3 electric skateboards
  • Click-in / Click-out swappable design 
  • 3200mAh / 115.2 Wh
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • Estimated lifetime 500 charges
  • Max mileage 9mi / 15km on one charge
  • Battery charger not included

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