BESV PS1 Lightweight Electric Commuter Bike

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    An electric bike that will give you fast, comfortable, and convenient rides, that’s the promise of the new BESV PS1 Lightweight Electric Commuter Bike. The BESV PS1 is a sleek-looking bike packed with efficient features that can make your riding experience 100% better. The bike draws its strength from a 250W Rear Hub Motor and a 36V*6.6Ah Sony Battery. Aside from that, it also features a SMART Mode and BESV’s self-made ALGORHYTHM power drive system to guarantee outstanding performance every time you use it.  With these amazing components and the bike’s lightweight Carbon Frame, the BESV PS1 will give you outstanding rides all the time.



    • Robust 250W Rear Hub Motor that can deliver speeds of up to 25 km/h,  giving you fast and exciting rides across your preferred biking routes.
    • Dependaible 36V*6.6Ah Sony Battery with a maximum distance coverage of 60 kilometers with power assist, will help you reach your destination and visit other places beyond that.  
    • Equipped with four efficient power options including the Smart Mode, a feature that effectively calculates and automatically adjusts the level of assistance needed to make the ride as comfortable as possible.
    • Useful ALGORHYTHM power drive system made by BESV, correctly measures the kind of power required to give you the best riding experience.
    • Durable 20” Carbon Frame with a weight of only 17.5 kilograms, making it one of the lightest electric bikes on the market today.



    Frame Carbon Fiber
    Power Drive System Algorhythm
    Dimensions 1548 x 1120 x 600mm (60.9 x 44.1 x 23.6 in)
    Weight 17.5kg (38.5lbs)
    Colors White / Red / Yellow
    Transmission Shimano, Altus 7S
    Front Fork Suspension, 40mm Travel
    Saddle Velo
    Brakes Tektro, Hydraulic Disk Brake
    Tires Schwalbe, Big Apple 20 x 2
    Motor 250W Rear Hub
    Sensor Torque Sensor
    Modes 4 Assist Modes (1 to 3 and Smart)
    Battery 36V, 6.6Ah




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