Bat-Bike Product Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty Information:

Bat-Bike® Electric Bicycle - Limited Warranty

What is covered?
Any defect in material and workmanship resulting from personal, normal use in accordance with the owner's manual.

For how long?
One (1) year from the day of purchase for bike, bike parts, battery and electronics. Bike accessories are covered under this warranty for 90 days.

Who gets the warranty?
The warranty is nontransferable and limited to the person who originally purchased the product.

Geographic scope:
This warranty applies only to original Bat-Bike products purchased in the United States from Bat-Bike, a local fully authorized Bat-Bike dealer or distributor. International shipping cost for product/parts or repair services for caddies exported from the country of original purchase are not covered by warranty.

Limitations & Liability:
Implied warranties, including those of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability are limited to one year from date of purchase. We will not pay for: loss of use of your product or property damage caused by your electric bicycle product or battery or its failure to work; any special incidental or consequential damages resulting from performance or failure to perform under this agreement, or from the furnishing, performance or use of any goods or service sold pursuant hereto, whether due to a breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, misuse or modification of the product or otherwise neither you nor spacom shall have any liability to the other for indirect or punitive damages, or for any claim by any third party except as expressly provided herein.

What we will do:
If your bike or any parts thereof are defective under the terms and definitions of this warranty, we will send you replacement parts, repair it or, at our discretion, replace it at no charge to you. Refunds may be issued only according to the Company's current return policy in the Terms & Conditions.

How to get warranty service?
To get warranty service for your bike you must contact one of Bat-Bike's Service & Support Centers and provide proof of date and place of purchase of the product. At our discretion we will provide one of the following Warranty services:

  • Do-It-Yourself Service: Call a Bat-Bike Service Center to diagnose the problem and make arrangements to get appropriate replacement parts.
  • Bat-Bike Shop Service: If repair cannot be reasonably easy performed by customer, we will return your bike or the defective parts in question to one of our Service Centers and repair or replace them at our expense.
  • 3rd Party Shop Service: In certain cases repairs might be performed faster and more cost effective by a local 3rd party mechanic or repair shop, and Bat-Bike might choose such services at our discretion. In such cases Bat-Bike will reimburse reasonable repair cost.

For warranty services you must retain the original packing material in the event you need to ship your product back to one of our Service Centers. Charges for replacement packaging and shipping of such will apply.

Upon contacting a Bat-Bike Service Center or authorized dealer we will determine the appropriate service option under this warranty. The contact numbers, e-mails and addresses of our Service Centers can be found on our website at

What this warranty does not cover:
This warranty does not cover wear parts, such as rubber tire treads or remote control batteries or scratches/dents on frame or components caused by normal use. The warranty does not cover damage to the bike caused by batteries or chargers other than those supplied by Bat-Bike or third party damage caused by batteries and chargers in general. The warranty does not cover any defects resulting from accidents, damage while in transit to our service locations, or damage resulting from alterations, misuse or abuse or ignoring of operating instructions, lack of proper maintenance, water damage due to hosing down or power washing product or submerged contact with water hazards, lakes or other water bodies, any loss of control of the unit resulting in equipment or consequential damage, unauthorized repair or modifications of the product, affixing any attachment not provided with the product, overloading of the product, fire, flood, or acts of God, or failure to follow the instructions in the Owner’s manual. This warranty also does not cover any international shipping cost or foreign repair services due to exportation of the cart from the country of original purchase.

This warranty is the only one we will give on your product, and it sets forth all our responsibilities regarding your product. There are no other express warranties! Please read our legal notice and terms and conditions at as they may contain additional regulations and legal obligations or restrictions between the parties.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary under local and State law.

Please check our website at for any updates on this warranty.

Bat-Bike® is a registered trademark of SpaCom LLC, Bat-Bike Division, 9838 Old Baymeadows Rd.,#114, Jacksonville, FL 32256 USA


Return Policy:

We are happy to accept a return within 7 days of receipt of the product with no questions asked if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason.  Unused items in new condition and in original packaging may be returned for full credit within 7 days of receipt of product, excluding shipping and handling charges.  For "lightly used" returns after the initial return period and for up to 30 days after the original purchase date a restocking charge of 20-25% of the original purchase price (depending on condition) will apply.  Return acceptance after 30 days of the original purchase date are at SpaCom's sole discretion and subject to depreciation fees assessed by SpaCom's technical staff.  Shipping and handling to/from Bat-Bike is non-refundable.  When returning any items with free shipping, the original shipping & handling fee (flat-rate of $100) will be deducted to determine the refundable balance.  Customer is responsible for return shipping and must ship the item directly back to Bat-Bike.  It is recommended that you insure the item before shipping it.  Electric Bike & Skate will process the return on your behalf and provide you with the necessary mailing address and shipping instructions for the return.



From time to time, SpaCom may, in its sole discretion, exchange products or portions of a product. Any exchanges will be made in accordance with SpaCom's exchange policies in effect on the date of the exchange.


About Bat-Bike:

A New Breed of Electric Bicycles has Landed!

Bat-Bike electric bicycles are electric motor assisted bicycles that can be pedaled traditionally or operated by a powerful electric motor fueled by an environmentally friendly lithium battery reaching speeds up to 20mph with a range of 50+ miles.

Advanced Features

Bat-Bikes feature the coolest designs, advanced technology, superior performance and world-class quality at competitive price points.

Amazing Benefits

Bat-Bike delivers great benefits in a variety of bicycle applications including leisure, sports, transportation and professional:

  • Staying fit, improving overall health & losing weight
  • Extending reach
  • Improving commute time
  • Improving the environment through green technology
  • Enhance social activities
  • Improve professional performance
  • Have fun time

Bat-Bike electric bicycles represent significant benefits to anybody using a bike for leisure, commuting or professional purposes.

Bat-Bike offers an advanced, proven, well designed, world-class quality and great value series of electric motorized bicycles, backed up by an experienced and renowned customer and technical service organization. Join the growing club of a new biking philosophy.

Company Info

Bat-Bike electric bicycle products are highly innovative and all key components are manufactured to certified ISO 9000 quality standards. Our factory in Asia has decades of experience in manufacturing and assembling electric bicycle and vehicles and is equipped with the most modern production equipment and a highly qualified and motivated staff. A dedicated engineering design department is working on developing new models using state-of-the-art technology. The patented design of our bicycles is innovative, unique and standard setting in terms of the ideal balance of functionality, performance, quality and ultimate value. Our products combine the best of all worlds, incorporating European engineering & design, Asian manufacturing capabilities and cost advantages and American marketing/distribution skills and customer service dedication. Our products are backed up 100% by a one year full factory warranty on parts and dedicated support service.

Bat-Bike is a US company and a subsidiary of Bat-Caddy, North American market leader for electric golf push carts, founded in 2004, incorporated and based in Florida and New York with Logistics and Service center facilities located in Bethlehem, PA, Jacksonville, FL, Denver, CO and San Francisco, CA.

We believe in the power of strong business relationships with our customers, dealers & distributors, suppliers, business partners, industry associations, and communities. We build and maintain these relationships with the highest integrity, business ethics, engagement and presence in the market. We always strive to create value for our customers, partners and affiliates!