BESV Electric Bicycle - Limited Warranty

BESV, a marque of Darfon Innovation Corp., warrants its electric bicycles (“Product”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal consumer use during the warranty period.

Warranty Length

The Product carries the following warranty periods starting from the date of purchase (parts and labor only):

  • Frame – Five (5) years
  • Battery – Two (2) years or 300 full loading cycles at no less than 80% capacity (whichever occurs first)
  • Other electric components (controller, HMI, motor) – Two (2) years
  • Non-consumables: front fork with shock absorber, saddle, seat post, shift lever, front derailleur, rear derailleur, main shaft, front/rear hub (excluding free hubs), handle bar, brakes mechanism, front fender, rear fender, pedals– One (1) year
  • All remaining components are not covered by this warranty

Warranty Details

This warranty is null and void if BESV determines that the product has been altered or tampered with in any way. This warranty does not cover problems or damage resulting from:

  • Accident, collision, fall, neglect or misuse (i.e. jumps/stunts or use on inappropriate terrain)
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Unauthorized product modification or installation of components not compatible with the Product
  • Improper operation/maintenance not in accordance with product instructions
  • Unsuitable cleaning tools, such as high-pressure cleaners
  • The weather or acts of nature (i.e. flood, lightning or earthquake)
  • War, vandalism or theft

This warranty does not cover:

  • Cosmetic damage or corrosion
  • Non-BESV parts/components
  • BESV products used in commercial lending/hiring
  • BESV products in which the factory-applied frame number has been altered or removed

BESV will, at its option, use new or refurbished parts/components to repair the Product, or replace the Product with a new or reconditioned Product of the same or functionally equivalent model. Any replacement parts/components or product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or for any additional period of time that may be applicable in your jurisdiction.

How to obtain warranty support

Please take the following steps for in-warranty claims:

  1. Please bring your Product and provide the following information to a BESV authorized dealer: a copy of the original receipt & warranty card and/or frame number 
  2. BESV authorized dealer will complete the proper documentation and report your warranty claim, and, if necessary, will remove, clean and send in any parts that require further inspection to validate your warranty claim. 
  3. Once the warranty claim has been verified, your BESV dealer will be supplied with the appropriate parts for repair or proceed with the replacement. 
  4. Your BESV dealer will use its best efforts to service Product. Your BESV dealer will contact you to pick up the Product upon completion of the service. 
  5. You are responsible to bring the Product in for service and pick up the Product upon completion at your own cost and risk.

Severability Clause

In the event any of the paragraphs of this warranty policy shall be held invalid by a law, statue, act, rule, regulation or decision by a competent authority in any States, the remainder of this warranty shall in no way be affected.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall BESV be liable for incidental, special, direct, consequential or multiple damages such as, but not limited to, lost business or profits arising out of the sale or use of any BESV product, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential, or other damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Duration of Implied Warranties

This warranty contains the sale warranty of BESV. There are no other warranties, expressed or, except as required by law, implied, including the implied warranty or condition of quality, merchantability  or fitness for a particular purpose, and such implied warranties, if any, are limited in duration to the term of this warranty.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you. You are advised to consult applicable state and provincial/local laws for a full determination of your rights.

Warranty Registration:

Register your warranty at after you've received your new eBike!