About Biktrix

Biktrix produces high quality electric bikes and accessories at market-leading prices. Our bikes are about the joy of biking. Each model has been handcrafted to give bikers true freedom. Take to the open road, or cross terrain which would be impossible on a normal bike – Biktrix bikes push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Flawless Design at an Amazing Price:

Our prices are so low because we believe that e-bikes should be accessible to all. We sell directly to you, cutting out the middleman, which means more bang for your bucks. Each e-bike product and accessory has been designed meticulously with the biker in mind.

Comfortdurability, and most of all, sheer fun! This is what you get when you ride one of our phenomenal e-bikes. No exceptions.

Quality Electric Bikes:  Buy with Confidence:

Each of our products comes with a substantial warranty to set your mind at ease. Our bike frames and motors/batteries come with an industry leading 2 year and 1 year warrantyagainst manufacture defect respectively. Whether it’s one of our bikes or our conversion kits, Biktrix is bringing cool, confident and exciting e-biking to the masses. Get ready to ride, and go on an adventure with your Biktrix bike today!

Over the past couple of years, we have gone through 3 revisions of the Juggernaut and 2 revisions of the Stunner. Being a small company, this is a huge advantage. We can quickly iterate and improve on our bikes every production run.

Meet the Founder and hear the Biktrix Story!