Addmotor MOTAN M550 Sport Electric Fat Tire Bike

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  • An electric bike that lets you go the distance, that’s the best description for the new Addmotor MOTAN M550 Sport Electric Fat Tire Bike. This MOTAN M550 Sport has a set of impressive specifications that will make you want to purchase it right away. Like most Addmotor Electric Bikes, it draws its power from a 500W Bafang Rear Hub Brushless Motor. It also runs on a 48V*10.4AH Removable Lithium battery that can literally take you places that other bikes couldn’t. Some very useful features that you can find on this bike other than those two include handy Front and Rear Disc Brakes, 26” x 4” Snow Folding Clincher Fat Tires, and Addmotor LCD display. Addmotor combined all of those impressive features into this biked, making the MOTAN M550 Sport one of their most admirable products to date.  

    • A mighty 500W Bafang Rear Hub Brushless Motor with speeds that can reach 20 miles per hour, giving you exciting rides whenever you use it.
    • Very reliable 48V*10.4AH Removable Lithium-Ion Battery that covers a distance of 70 kilometers with pedal assist and on a single charge,  great distance especially if you want to have long bike rides.  
    • Sturdy aluminum-alloy frame and steel-welding fork with low-style handlebars, for better control no matter what terrain you’re on.
    • Huge 26” x 4” Snow Folding Clincher Fat Tires, gives you a great performance on different types of terrain including snowy roads.
    • Handy Front and Rear Disc Brakes that can easily be activated through front and rear-hand motions.
    • Useful Addmotor LCD display, for easy monitoring of your speed, distance, and even battery life. 
  • Quick Specs:

    Manufacturer Addmotor
    Style Fat tire
    Size 26"
    Watts 400W-500W
    Battery 48V-11AH


    Component Details:

    • Electric City Bike(Matte Black) 
    • 100% Fully Electric Bike 
    • 500 Watt Motor 
    • Throttle: 1/2 Twist Throttle 
    • High-Grade Lithium-Ion Battery - Hidden In Frame! (48.4V 10.4AH) 
    • 25-35km(Electric only), 70km(pedal assistant) 
    • Speeds up to 20 MPH 
    • Sturdy aluminum alloy frame and steel welding fork, Low rise handlebars. 
    • Charges in Standard Wall Outlet - 1,000-lifetime battery charges 
    • Front and Rear Disc Brakes 
    • Shimano 7 Speed Gears 
    • 26 x 4 inch Fat Bike Snow Folding Clincher Tire 
    • Charging time: 5-6 hours 

    Warranty: Technologies 2 Years . Motor and Battery 1 Year Warranty

  • Easy Assembly:

    Front Wheel:



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