iDeal Deling Electric Commuter Bike

by iDeal
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iDeal Deling Electric Commuter Bike



Parameter description City
Standard Version
Upgrade Version
    B2 B5
Wheelbase   910mm 910mm
Curb weight   18~20kg 20~25kg
Main specification(function)      
Static climbing ability(load 70kg/0km/h)   5︒  
Dynamic climbing capability(load 70kg/15km/h)   8︒  
Dry braking distance(18km/h)   ≤ 1.35m  
Wet braking distance(18km/h)   ≤ 2.5m  
Rated maximum load(kg)   110  
Power consumption per 100km standard(20km/h)   1kw  
Maximum mileage(15km/h)   32~38km  
Headlight 5V3W LED headlight / 1PCS
Traffic light 5V3W LED lamp bead / 6PCS
Brake light 5V3W LED lamp bead / 8PCS
Steering lamp group / swtich 5V3W LED lamp bead(including Round
aluminum shell)/ 2PCS
Cruise control / switch
USB charging / external power supply 5V2A USB female    
Remote control start / off 2 pcs remote control keys
Electric handlebars Wuxing / half turn /3 pcs light power
Wuxing / half turn / LCD display    
Brake handlebars Wuxing front wheel disc brake (right)
Wuxing motor wheel brake power (left)
Folding head Aluminum alloy series
Folding seat
Folding front fork
External headlight (optional)    
Charger 48V 48V  2A/3A (optional) external    
Charger 36V 36V  2A/3A (optional) external
Built in inflator    
Built in inverter    
External fast dismantling extended range battery module    
Central processing control unit
Wireless remote control throttle    
Wireless remote control brake    
Wireless remote control LED lamp group system    
Wireless charging system    
Projection module for outdoor cinema    
Dual frame combination module    
Frame upgrade module    
Frame material Aviation grade 6061T6(custom made
 7075T5/ titanium alloy / carbon fiber)
Front shock absorber      
Rear shock absorber Spring damping type
Front tire 54-152(10*2)matched pneumatic tire
Rear tire Integrated / brushless gearless
electromagnetic / 200mm*50mm
Front brake 120mm disc(disc brake)
140mm disc(disc brake)    
Rear brake 120mm disc(disc brake)    
140mm disc(disc brake)
Seat height(mm)    
Battery system 18650 Panasonic lithium battery pack      
Voltag(V)   36 36
Capacity (Ah) 9.5AH/8.2AH/7.2AH/6.2AH 8.6 8.6
Standard current(A)   3 3
Max current (A) 27A 15 20
Power system--Taige customization      
Motor wheel size (inch)   9 10
Rated power of motor (W)   250 350
Maximum power of motor (W)   400 450
Maximum torque of motor (n/m)   13 18
● means standard configuration      

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