Koowheel Kooboard FB1 Mini Electric Skateboard

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Koowheel Kooboard FB1 | Motor | 29.4V Battery | 678mm Board | Low-Battery Warning Feature

Want a skateboard that is cheap and lightweight but extremely durable? Then look no further because the new Koowheel Kooboard FB1 Mini Electric Skateboard is the perfect choice for you. The Koowheel Kooboard FB1 provides a lot of power, speed, and convenience that other full-sized electric skateboards couldn’t. It is equipped with a heavy-duty Motor and a 29.4V*2.2A Samsung Battery. Aside from that, it also has a Low-Battery Warning Feature that lets you know when your battery is about to die.  This Koowheel Mini Electric Skateboard is also very durable thanks to its 678 x 223 x 116.5mm board with IPX4 Protection Grade and V0 Fireproof Material Grade. And with an affordable price, the Kooboard FB1 is undoubtedly the BEST mini electric skateboard on the market today.  

Features & Highlights:

  • A brawny Motor that comes in three different colors (Orange, White, and Green). It also has a maximum speed limit of 25 kilometers per hour, making it one of the fastest electric skateboards out there.
  • Highly-dependable 29.4V*2.2A Samsung Battery that can go as far as 15 kilometers on a single charge, perfect for short but fun trips around town.
  • Well-made Board with a size of 678 x 223 x 116.5mm and load capacity of 50 kilograms, suitable for slim riders. It also has an IPX4 Protection Grade and V0 Fireproof Material Grade
  • Handy Low-Battery Warning Feature automatically activates when your battery life hits 15%. 

Component Details:

  • Max load: 50KG
  • Working voltage: 22V–29.4V
  • Charging voltage: 29.4V
  • Charging time: 15H
  • Speed: 25KM/H
  • Range: 10-15KM
  • Battery cell brand: Samsung
  • Board size: 678 x 223 x 116
  • Rotating speed: 1900rpm

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