Koowheel Carrying Bag for D3M Electric Longboards

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Koowheel Carrying Bag for D3M Electric Longboards

Looking for a more convenient way to transport your D3M or D3X skateboard? Then consider your problem solved because the new Koowheel Carrying Bag for D3M Electric Longboards is here to do the job for you.  Aside from the fact that these bags are perfect for taking your longboard with you on long trips, they are also very stylish and durable. Each bag has a Double Zipper Feature, one for each of its two compartments. In addition to that, it also offers a lot of versatility because you can use it as either a carry bag or as a backpack. This Koowheel Carrying Bag is most compatible with D3M, D3M+, and D3X models. Buy one now and have awesome skating trips wherever you want to.

Features & Highlights: 

  • A Dual Zipper Feature, the large .main compartment is for the board while smaller one is for the accessories.
  • Versatile, can be used as a Carry Bag or as a Backpack.
  • Compatible with D3M, D3M+, and D3X boards.


  • Dual Zipper - large main compartment to store the KooWheel electric skateboard
  • Commuting - can be both a carry bag and backpack
  • Organized - internal zippered compartment for storage of accessories

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