RND R1 Electric Scooter

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RND R1 | 250W Brushless Motor | 36V*5.2Ah High Power 18650 LG Batteries| Aluminum Alloy Folding Frame | Electronic Braking + Rear Fender Braking System

Do you want an easy to operate electric scooter that you can use to have amazing rides all the time? Then check out this new RND R1 Electric Scooter.  The RND R1 boasts a set of features a set of impressive features that you will surely love.  It runs on a 250W Brushless DC Motor and 36V*5.2Ah High Power 18650 LG Batteries.  Aside from that, this scooter is also equipped with an Aluminum Alloy Folding Frame and an Electronic Braking + Rear Fender Braking System. And to make it even better, this RND Electric Scooter uses an 8” Inflatable Front Wheel and 8” Solid Rear Wheel. You will find all of these impressive components in the new RND R1, making it a powerful and convenient electric scooter that can deliver incredible adventures whenever you ride it. 

Features & Highlights:

  • Powerful 250W Brushless DC Motor that can go as fast as 20km/h, has all the strength and speed you need to use it on your daily commute or to have enjoyable scooter rides anytime you want to.
  • Long-lasting 36V*5.2Ah High Power 18650 LG Batteries with a single charge range of 15-18km,  giving you several long and enjoyable rides before you need to charge it again.
  • Durable and convenient Aluminum Alloy Folding Frame will deliver optimal performance all the time. The folding capability also makes the storing and transporting parts a lot easier.
  • Efficient 8” Inflatable Front Wheel and 8” Solid Rear Wheel that work well on both smooth and uneven roads.
  • A useful Electronic Braking + Rear Fender Braking System offers safer rides by improving your stopping power.

Component Details:

Part No. R1
Frame Material Aluminum-alloy
Color Available Black,White
Weight 9.9kg
Product Size unfold:952mm x 430mm x 1099mm 
Fold:952mm x 430mm x 370mm
Max Load 100kg
Battery High power 18650 LG Lithium Batteries : 36V 5.2Ah
Brake Electronics braking + rear fender braking
Accelerator Foot control operation
Charging Voltage AC100-240V / 50-60Hz
Charging time 4-6 Hours
Wattage 250W
Motor Specification Brushless DC Motor
Range per power 15-18km
Max Speed 20km/h
Max climbing degree 15 degree
tire type 8" inflatable front-wheel 
8" solid rear-wheel
Waterproof IP54

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