Rockymounts Hooligan

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Rockymounts Hooligan

Efficient, Durable, Easy to use … these are just some of the greatest qualities of this brand new RockyMounts Hooligan. This impressive lock boasts a 40” long Hardened Steel Chain that has been covered with Nylon Sheath to prevent it from being worn down by various factors. It’s Lock Heads, on the other hand, are covered in Moulded Silicone for maximum protection and to prevent them from dinging your ride. This lock also offers an impressive Security Rating of 7 and is Spring Loaded so you can lock your bike easily. And with Three Dimple Keys, you will surely be able to use this RockyMounts Hooligan for a really long time. 

Features & Highlights:

  • Strong 40” long Hardened Steel Chain with a diameter of 7mm and is covered in sewn Nylon Sheath to prevent it from ripping, tearing, corroding, or even rusting.
  • Reliable Lock Heads that have been covered with high-quality Silicone to make it easier to use and to avoid dinging your bike.
  • It conveniently comes with Three Dimple Keys so that you’ll have a spare in case you lose one … or two.
  • Impressive Security Rating of 7, giving you the assurance that it will do a great job at guarding your bike.
  • Efficiently Spring Loaded for easy locking. 

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