Rockymounts Lester

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Rockymounts Lester

Give your precious bike its well-deserved security with this brand new RockyMounts Lester. This 6-foot long Lester Cable Lock comes with a group of noteworthy features that you will definitely find admirable. It has a Braided Steel Cable with a Self Coiling Design to provide exceptional security. To add more protection, this 150mm long Lester Cable is also equipped with a Barrel Lock that has a Resettable 4-Digit Combination.  And with a Security Rating of 3, this RockyMounts Lester will give you and your bike a security like no other.


    Features & Highlights:

    • Premium-quality long Braided Steel Cable that has a length of 150mm and a diameter of 12mm. This cable is also coated in Viny Shell to protect the bike frame and itself from various factors such as the weather.
    • An efficient Self Coiling Design adds more protection especially when you’re gonna leave your bike in public places.
    • Tough in line Barrel Lock with Resettable 4-Digit lock combination, giving you the control of who can and cannot access your bike.
    • Comes with a Security Rating of 3.
    • When added, the lock and the cable have a total length of 6 feet long.
    • Can be packed easily.

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