Rockymounts Warrant

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Rockymounts Warrant

This brand new Rocky Mounts Warrant is a U-lock that can provide outstanding security for your bike. It comes with a set of impressive features to make sure your bike will never be stolen.  This heavy-duty U-lock is equipped with a 14mm hardened Steel Shackle that offers a Security Level of 8. In addition to that, it also comes with Three Dimple Keys and a Cylinder Design.  And to make it even better, this entire lock is covered in high-quality Molded Silicone while its shackle size stands at a size of 79mm x 130mm. With these incredible features present in this U-lock, the Rocky Mounts Warrant will surely deliver a security like no other. 

Features & Highlights:

  • This is a heavy-duty U-lock that can survive even the strongest attempts to break it open.
  • Sturdy and well-designed 14mm square-shaped “U” Hardened Steel Shackle offers greater locking usefulness.
  • It comes with Three Dimple Keys and a Cylinder Design for a more convenient and simpler usage. The three-key feature allows you to store one in your desired area for safe-keeping and take the other two with you anywhere you go.
  • A powerful Security Level of 8.
  • The shackle’s size is at 79mm x 130mm, just the right amount of size for you to carry it in your pocket or in your backpack.
  • This entire lock is covered with high-quality Molded Silicone, giving you an excellent gripping ability in both dry and wet conditions.

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